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My Background

I'm a painter born in Manhattan, New York City, and have a BFA in Painting from Syracuse University. Lately, because the times seem to get more vicious every week, I've been working primarily on environmental and political subjects.

My Experience


I grew up in a Greenwich Village art studio, looking at art books, drawing and painting. After college I studied for several years in Europe, and eventually landed in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was represented for 14 years at Center of the Earth Gallery, and was included in New American Paintings no.22 (Open Studios Press) in 1999. In 2000 I was a resident at the McColl Center for Visual Art, and was included in Greensboro's Green Hill Center for N.C. Art's 'Painters Series 1' . My work was published in Great World Writers Vol.1 (Marshall Cavendish, 2004). In 2016 I was included in the North Carolina Artist's Exhibition in Raleigh, N.C. I was selected for Durham's  Pleiades Gallery's 2017's 'Truth to Power 5', 2018's 'Truth to Power 6', and 2019's 'Truth to Power 7'. In 2019 I was included in the Open 30 International Juried Exhibition at Laredo College in Laredo, TX.

My Vision


I've worked for years on narrative symbolic paintings sometimes described as 'Magic Realism'. Several years ago I realized I have a perfect language to express how I feel about the state of our union. Not many painters even attempt this sort of thing, but today I would feel like an impotent coward not to shoot off a painter's pop gun. This is no time to be matching the couch.

Painting Ideas & Intentions

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